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Mounting financial pressures and increasing life expectancy are forcing baby boomers to work longer than previous generations

Increasing the age of eligibility for public retirement programs is one possible reform to better prepare for Canada’s aging population

Tap your inner circle for new clients

Report recommends Ottawa raise the normal age of OAS eligibility

Many people are more afraid of running out of money than of dying. Advisors need to ensure retired clients act prudently

Women are very concerned about maintaining support for their families. They also are more likely than men to be single later in life and to have suffered loss of income and capital as a result of divorce or their partner's death

  • By: Leah Golob
  • November 14, 2017 November 14, 2017
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Many clients rely on the Canada Pension Plan to form at least part of their guaranteed retirement income. But deciding when to take the benefit, as well as several other issues, can be vexing. An expert provides some of the answers

A desire to help children and grandchildren - combined with the availability of credit - is encouraging many elderly clients to carry debt into retirement

Clients seeking to access the value held in their homes during retirement often are faced with a difficult choice: should they sell and downsize, or sell and rent?

Financial planners and advisors need to factor in volatile government policy, such as changes to tax policy, when helping clients plan for retirement

Withdrawal rates that take guaranteed income into account help clients accept the impact of dips in their portfolio's value