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Even as segments of the economy start to reopen, securities regulators are playing it safe and extending certain Covid-19-related relief measures into the fall.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) declared that conditional relief from in-person voting requirements for fund boards, which it originally provided in March, will be extended through the rest of 2020.

The SEC said that the extension that allows virtual meetings until Dec. 31 is intended to “provide flexibility to boards of registered funds […] that may continue to face challenges meeting in person.”

Additionally, the Bourse de Montréal Inc. said that it’s extending into the fall certain compliance accommodations due to Covid-19.

The exchange said it will continue to allow firms to use alternative compliance measures, which have been adopted due to the public health requirements that necessitated remote working.

The regulatory division of the MX has provided industry firms with guidance on meeting compliance obligations, given constraints imposed by the pandemic, and allowed delays in fulfilling certain reporting obligations.

It has now extended the availability of alternative compliance measures and delayed reporting requirements until Sept. 30.