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The definition of an “approved person” was amended in July

hi-tech technological background

Regulatory experts will work with data scientists to detect abusive trading behaviour

Old Montreal Port Downtown at night

Administrative penalties total nearly $1 million

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The move to extend trading hours is in response to an increase in activity and demand from global clients of Canada’s derivative exchange

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The exchange will open its market at 2 a.m. beginning Oct. 9

Special committee looking to fill independent member vacancy

The derivatives exchange also proposes measure to enhance market access for its global participants

The exchange is seeking to amend its rules to ensure that the special committee that oversees its regulatory division is a committee of its board

Adoption of big regulatory changes must avoid unintentional harm

The group will soon create an industry advisory group to gain insights on regulatory issues and get feedback on rule proposals and guidance

Fiera makes changes to its management team

Julie Rochette, previously director, enforcement and legal counsel with the MX, has taken over the role from Brian Gelfand