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The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) is seeking new members for its independent Investor Advisory Panel (IAP).

The IAP is a key investor advocacy group, providing the country’s largest securities regulator with input on policy proposals, consultations and specific rule-making efforts from the retail investor perspective.

Panel members are appointed for two-year terms, and the terms of several panel members are coming to an end over the coming year.

“New members will be appointed to staggered terms beginning at different points throughout the year depending on when vacancies arise,” the OSC said in a release.

The panel is currently chaired by Neil Gross, veteran securities lawyer and former head of the Canadian Foundation for the Advancement of Investor Rights.

Unlike the volunteer industry advisory committees, IAP members are compensated for their time.

Candidates to join the IAP in the year ahead will be interviewed by a selection committee consisting of two OSC commissioners and one of the regulator’s vice-chairs.

Ultimately, the chair of the OSC will appoint the panel members, based on the selection committee’s recommendations.

“The IAP is an important voice for investors in the regulatory process, and new members will be selected to ensure that the panel continues to represent a broad range of relevant experience, skills, knowledge and perspectives,” the commission said.