The Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada’s (IIROC) new secure email system is slated to be implemented in September, the regulator reports.

In a notice issued Thursday, IIROC indicates that the implementation of its new secure email service to encrypt confidential information exchanges between IIROC and dealers, known as Echoworx OneWorld, will be complete on September 1. At that point, the current service, EMX, will be fully phased out and dealers will be required to use the new service, it says.

At the same time, IIROC will also be launching a new system to facilitate the secure transfer of large data files that cannot be transmitted using email, Citrix ShareFile. Messages sent via the OneWorld system will be limited to 15 MB.

The OneWorld system is only intended to securely transmit email, the notice indicates, it does not allow for storing or archiving those messages. Emails sent through the system will only be retained for 30 days, before they are deleted. IIROC says that, whenever feasible, requests for information from a dealer will be made through the OneWorld system. Dealers will then be able to respond through the system, unless large files have to be transferred, which will require them to use ShareFile.

Certain regulatory reports, such as the reporting of changes to ownership, structure, registered employees and business models should be transmitted via OneWorld, it says. However, the process currently used to submit certain regulatory reports through the portal on the IIROC website will not change; this includes registration reporting, online CE reporting, gatekeeper reporting, among others.