With crypto investing starting to edge into the mainstream, the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) unveiled a new advisory group on the emerging sector.

The cryptoasset working group will provide the industry self-regulatory organization with advice on proposed policy involving the regulation of crypto assets, including possible impacts on investor protection and market integrity.

The group includes representatives from both crypto firms and traditional industry players, along with lawyers and consultants.

“It is important that IIROC continues to assess how regulatory requirements might be best tailored for crypto assets,” said Victoria Pinnington, senior vice-president, market regulation, at IIROC, and chair of the working group.

“This group of diverse industry members will better position IIROC to support industry transformation, while ensuring we deliver on our mandate to protect investors,” she added.

On Wednesday, the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) ruled that a prospectus for a proposed Bitcoin-based investment fund should be approved. The decision followed a landmark hearing into the acceptability of crypto assets as a retail investment.