An Alberta Provincial Court judge has found David Del Bianco guilty of 10 counts of failing to comply with a Feb. 14, 2003 Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) decision.

The ASC decision prohibited Del Bianco from trading securities and from becoming or acting as a director or officer of any issuer for a period of four years.

In a written decision, Judge M.L. Graham ruled that between February 14, 2003 and April 7, 2005, Del Bianco breached the ASC order by acting as a director of the following eight corporations:

> Equal Rights Legal Defence Alliance Inc.

> Euro-Am Pacific Enterprises Ltd.

> Canadian Justice Media Inc.

> Equal Rights Infolink Inc.

> Magnum Cavalier Developments Ltd.

> 977959 Alberta Ltd.

> Worldwide Alternative Health Resorts Inc.

> Wind Sailing Industries (Canada) Inc.

Judge Graham also found Del Bianco guilty of two counts of attempting to sell shares in Equal Rights Legal Defence Alliance (USA) Inc. to an Alberta resident without registration and contrary to the ASC order. She dismissed two counts of a similar nature and one count the Crown did not proceed with.

Sentencing has been scheduled for December 18, in Calgary.