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A different frame

HNW clients want guidance on the complex challenges that wealth can bring

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Powering up your practice

Referrals are key to boosting your roster of HNW clients

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Learning the language of the next generation

The children of the wealthy have different ideas about financial advice — and those who provide it. Understanding that mindset can help retain families when…

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Keeping a close eye

High net-worth clients place considerable importance on their investments — and want to know and understand how their money is being managed

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Beyond our borders

Many investors, including HNW clients, need to be educated about the world of opportunity in global markets

Tech and the high net-worth client

Smart use of the new smart financial tools can enhance your practice

Widening the choices

Alternative investments can provide needed growth, but advisors need to look under the hood

Settling up with the CRA

Tax surveillance is now global. HNW clients need to know the rules — and the penalties — of non-compliance

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Looking past the premiums

Permanent life insurance can be good value for wealthy clients who can afford the upfront costs

Focus on planning

A tech-savvy advisor to HNW clients says the industry needs to change

  • By: Leah Golob
  • October 15, 2018 November 9, 2019
  • 00:23

Tips from top HNW advisors

Be prepared for the worst — and focus on the client

Table: Canada’s top 10 ETF providers, 2017

Shaking up the market

Competition is heating up as firms scramble to meet rising demand for ETFs

exchange-traded funds, woman with tablet

Talking about ETFs

Tips for teaching clients about these still-evolving funds and what they entail

Table: BMOAM ETFs AUM compared with total Canadian ETF AUM

Early mover’s advantage

BMO jumped into ETFs before many of its competitors. Now, the bank is building on its lead

Table: Mordy favours broad diversification

Two global portfolios, two unique approaches

ETF experts choose sample investments designed to mine international opportunities

Advice and ETFs: new models

Robo-advisors and traditional firms are creating new partnerships

New ways down alternative paths

Vehicles such as hedge funds and private equity are now open to more investors

Safe – but not too safe

ETFs offer portfolio diversification that can reduce losses while retaining potential for growth

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The price of choice

As ETFs continue to morph beyond their passive, plain-vanilla roots, balancing costs and performance may become more difficult

The innovation equation

Raj Lala of Evolve says entrepreneurship is at the core of his new firm

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Above the fray

Deborah Fuhr brings years of independent thinking and insight to the rapidly changing, global ETF landscape

Looking past the package

New features don't always mean a better product

Downtown office buildings Toronto

Canadian IPO market hits pause amid first quarter volatility

New issues in the wings signal a likely increase in deal activity for the balance of the year

  • April 2, 2018 November 9, 2019
  • 12:15

From the editor

Affluent clients very often are entrepreneurs or professionals who have spent a lifetime accumulating their wealth. They have worked long hours and have put many…

Get in the right mindset

Ensure you're aligned with your prospects' expectations and needs - and tell your story in a compelling way