From Summer to Autumn


12 months ago, we set out to create a 4-Part series representing a metaphorical changing of seasons for an advisor’s practice, with each “season” being a take on transition from a different perspective. At this time last year, Designed Wealth Management had no advisors, and $0 in assets under administration (AUA). By the end of 2022, over 20 advisors will have joined us, with close to $1 billion in AUA.

This is the fourth article in our 4-Part series representing the metaphorical Changing of Seasons for an advisor’s practice. Further to our third article that explored summer, join us now, as we explore fall, the “harvest season” for an advisor or portfolio manager’s career.

Fall is associated with abundance, prosperity and wealth. Summer is over and there is a mental shift back to reignition of new ideas. Kids are back to school, lessons or fall activities and challenges start up again. You’re re-energized after a summer of relaxation and committed to moving things forward before the end of the year gets too close. This phase of your practice is where the excitement of your decision to make a transition to another dealer gains momentum.

The momentum comes from an accumulation of experiences, reflections, and ideas about what is truly needed to create your ideal practice. As the fall sets in, you are ready to pull the trigger and change the colours of your day to day. With Designed, momentum has also built up, and our own experiences and reflections are driving ideas into actions that support our advisors, and future advisors.

For the past year, we have been planting seeds and building our recruiting network. This marks the one-year anniversary of Designed bringing over our first advisor and it is the busiest time of year. It is a time of celebration, and we are planning our first annual dealer conference on Wednesday November 2nd in Toronto – Shifting Trends in Wealth Management. Designing the Future of Independent Advice. This one-day event will be a time to engage in new ideas and new conversations and advisors looking to move to another dealer are invited. The key theme of the conference will be change, different perspectives and transparency. 

Our conference will offer a rare opportunity to hear uncensored voices in the investment industry.  Speakers and round-table facilitators have been asked to introduce new insights they have discovered in the past year. It will be a place of reflection and re-evaluation of the ways investment advisors and portfolio managers understand the practice of wealth management and it will give them a chance to imagine the possibilities they have for the future of their business. The goal of this conference is to share in meaningful insights and engage with new ideas and in new conversations.

We will introduce insights that challenge the status quo in the investment industry and create a unique perspective relevant to the decisions an advisor faces when reviewing their practice. It is the beginning of our next chapter and a chance to voice something advisors have never heard before.

Finally, the fall also revives our connections to colleagues and partners. The summer creates disconnection as vacations, long weekends and fewer industry events divide schedules and separate us. The fall, with its abundance of events, and the proverbial return to full swing create more opportunities to meet with partners and colleagues. We could not have achieved the level of success we have to date without the help of Aviso Correspondent Partners. Their continued collaboration and support has benefited our advisors, and their ideas bring forward even more fall momentum. They are a committed partner whose people, systems, and service can’t be beat.

As the fall kicks off, there is no time to wait. The leaves won’t wait to fall to the ground, and the frigid winter air isn’t too far away. That momentum behind your transition plan is pushing you in the right direction and shedding the old to harvest the new has arrived. Let the fall be your season to change.