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In this webinar that was recorded on Monday, May 25, 2020 at 2:00 pm ET, Barry Pokroy, founder and leader of Circle & Square, spoke about the following:

  • Defining “post-traumatic growth” and how living through a crisis can make you and your company stronger.
  • The psychological transition to living in a crisis and how to prepare for the new normal
  • Outlining back to work standards: What will the physical transition be like?
  • A business owner’s perspective on returning to work.

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Circle & Square is the emotional intelligence training, advisory and coaching business of Farber. Trained in clinical psychology, Pokroy has in-depth knowledge and experience in adapting the insights of psychological theory to the demands of the corporate environment.

Note: CE accreditation for this webinar is pending approval. CE accreditation is powered by CE Corner and the CE Corner team will be applying to FP Canada, The Institute and RIBO for continuing education credits.