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Focus on Mutual Funds Special Report

Cryptoasset ETFs saw the largest outflows since the funds were created

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Inflation, rising interest rates and market volatility have significant impacts for Canadians

bull and bear stock market

Profit Survey: Eleven firms increased their dividends in the latest quarter


Reports from Richardson Wealth and Natixis put this year's market volatility in context

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With rate increases on the way, some experts recommend tilting toward value

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A portfolio manager must have the discipline to stick to a process over time, especially during a crisis or a bear market

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Climate change and digitization are the two biggest risks, the Superintendent of Financial Institutions said

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Policy action is seen to be keeping the recovery on track, despite tremors

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ETFs proved resilient in the face of exceptional market volatility, IOSCO says

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Breaking down the strategies of Canadian funds shows a variety of approaches to generating lower-risk returns