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In a new report, European regulators describe market risk as "very high"

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The ones that have the biggest sway on the market focus on trade and the Federal Reserve

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Debunking the myth that ETFs cause market instability

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The significant market downturn many experienced may have translated into an aversion toward investing

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Investor fears may be overblown, say reports

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Professional financial planners are uniquely positioned to help clients stay on track during periods of market volatility

  • By: Cary List
  • January 14, 2019 September 18, 2019
  • 06:00
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The group of regulators has been developing recommendations on mechanisms to manage episodes of extreme volatility

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Trading was temporarily halted for the two ETFs that are being terminated in early February, and Horizons then suspended new subscriptions to one of the ETFs later that month

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Extreme volatility can “weaken market integrity and reduce investor confidence,” IOSCO says

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A sudden surge in the VIX in early February led to the termination of certain exchange-traded products — and a harsh lesson for many investors