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Fewer advisors report having a succession plan in place this year, but advisors who have a plan are happy with their firms’ support

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Know the difference between your strategic plan and your business plan — and many other plans

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As a business’s value drops, opportunity arises

Insurance industry must step up succession planning efforts

Less than one-third of advisors have continuity plans, according to research from FP Transitions

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Helping business-owner clients transfer their businesses can enable you to end your career on a high note

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Advisors are gradually awakening to the necessity of planning their transition from their practices, but the job is far from done

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Don’t leave your dependents in the lurch

What happens to the business?

You can play a dual role — both coach and quarterback — to help your business-owner clients create an estate plan

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While you may have a strong motivation to have the kids take over your practice, family successions don't always work out as planned

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Clarity from firms on available options may be the key to change