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The emotional aspects of making the transition to retirement can be the most challenging of all. The cases of two advisors demonstrate the importance of defining what retirement means to you

Insurance industry must step up succession planning efforts

The capital will allow the startup to grow its sales and marketing teams, expand into the U.S. market, and expand its product offerings

The regulator released a video providing advice for senior investors on what to consider when their existing advisor retires

Make sure to focus on the business’s strategy while delegating the day-to-day business to your successor and staff for the succession process to work properly

Several factors, both internal and external, will determine when you should sell your practice. To help ensure you make the right decision, you must ask yourself some key questions

Arriving at a fair value for your practice is one of the most critical aspects of succession planning because it has a major impact on both an emotional and a financial level

Insurance industry must step up succession planning efforts

Once you have mapped out your exit plan, how and when you inform your clients is critical

Insurance industry must step up succession planning efforts

Although 90% of advisors feel they have an obligation to their clients to create a succession plan, only 19% of advisors have a succession plan in place

By failing to implement a succession plan, you may be neglecting your responsibilities to your clients. Here are steps you can take to ensure the value of your business and fulfil the promises that you have made to your clients

An advisor's 55th birthday and 25th anniversary in the business inspires questions about the development of a succession plan. The best advice combines the benefits of early planning with the reality of life