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Demographic changes are impacting the retirement landscape

A rise in debt levels or wages, more favourable employment opportunities, or better health may be driving seniors to work, StatsCan reports

Caregiving costs for aging Canadians having impact on families

The groups are aiming to develop a mechanism to help firms and advisors protect clients who may be victims of elder abuse or with diminished mental capacity

Caregiving costs for aging Canadians having impact on families

Advisors might work to factor in the projected costs for caregiving when drafting clients’ retirement plan, CIBC report suggests

Tap your inner circle for new clients

Imbalances looming between working age adults and those collecting pensions and placing demands on health services

Caregiving costs for aging Canadians having impact on families

Creating a family playbook can help ensure everyone feels well prepared for the years ahead

CUs make notable contributions to economy, communities, report finds

New CARP survey finds that 89% of Canadians over the age of 55 are in favour of a best interest standard while 79% are opposed to embedded fees

FINRA seniors’ hotline leads to US$4.3 million in reimbursements

The helpline has also led to almost 650 issues being referred to other regulators, the U.S. SRO reports

Firms will have the power to place a temporary hold on client funds or securities that are to be disbursed if there’s a “reasonable belief of financial exploitation”

State regulators lobby for establishing a fiduciary duty standard

Although some older clients may be early adopters of new technology, many seniors struggle to grasp the new devices and modes of communication. Here are some ways to help them get comfortable - and stay safe -in a digital world