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Local regulators opened thousands of investigations, handed down millions in sanctions

Shot of a mature woman hugging her husband

Getting about costs money but the elderly are seeing a crunch on grocery bills, investment portfolios

Support a maturing demographic by adapting to changing needs

Extreme closeup of an annual report -- based on the "portfolio facts," the fund is a 100% stock mutual fund

New cases, sanctions, and fine collection rates all rose, though volume of cases opened during the year declined to 414 in 2021 from 461 in 2020

Close up hands of caregiver doctor helping old woman at private clinic. Close up of hands of nurse holding a senior patient with walking stick. Elder woman using walking cane at nursing home with nurse holding hand for support.

From inflation to technology hurdles, clients at risk have many concerns

Ontario Legislative Building at Queens Park in Toronto Ontario

Tories also propose enhancing existing tax credit for low-income earners

Senior couple planning a holiday

The oldest baby boomers just turned 76; the youngest will turn 85 in 2050

Beautiful caucasian elderly couple in the park in autumn

Life expectancy changes may reshape policy decisions

senior woman on a computer

Financial advisors can help remove the burden for beneficiaries and executors by helping retirees organize ahead of time

senior woman exercising

Elderly clients can take steps to help themselves enjoy longer, healthier lives

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