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Both cities climbed two places in the rankings of global financial centres

Blockchain technology may transform financial services just as peer-to-peer file-sharing technology changed the music industry almost 20 years ago

Despite the overall decline in M&A activity, the consolidation trend remains strong in insurance, which accounted for 43% of M&A deals in the sector

Peer review recommendations aim to improve corporate governance of financial institutions

LOGiQ announces private placement of $5.2 million

The TFSA’s ASPIRE program is aiming to offer 10,000 work-related learning opportunities to undergraduate students

A new study from the CFA Institute suggests the industry is at an inflection point in which advisors fostering trust among clients will be key to survival

Banks earnings expected to be strong thanks to robust economy

Montreal and Vancouver have also risen in the rankings while Calgary has taken a big step back because of volatility in the energy sector

Growth of fintech and compliance is causing financial services firms to reconsider their office space needs