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It's receiving support from both Democrats and Republicans

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Many clients are choosing to retire to other countries - lured by a comfortable climate and scenic views or a desire to return to their homeland. You can provide information and advice to help these clients navigate the many necessary decisions

canadian and usa flags

Update includes references to state statures

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Canadian citizens filed US$10 million in false tax refund claims with the IRS

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The case of a Canadian student studying in the U.S. brings to light what happens when CRA officials follow a strict and literal interpretation of the law

canadian and usa flags

The most important consideration in this process is whether a client can use his or her foreign tax credits against other income in the year of transfer

The bill will mark the most far-reaching rewrite of tax law since 1986

Future of U.S. estate tax in doubt

Jamie Golombek discusses how proposed changes to the U.S. estate tax could affect high net-worth Canadians

Proposed tax changes in the U.S. - such as eliminating estate taxes and lower corporate taxes - could affect some of your wealthy clients, especially U.S. citizens and those who own property in the U.S.

U.S. proposed tax changes lead to interest in cross-border migration

Although lower taxes in the U.S. is causing young Canadian entrepreneurs to look south of the border, some Canadians are eager to return home