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It's You, Not Me

Blunt cards free clients from bad advisor relationships

businessman in depression with hand on forehead

Sound financial decision-making challenged by mental illness

Maximizer CRM Wealth Manager 2017 will have fields that can capture all the relevant data points as well as commonly used forms within each client’s record

Understanding mindset the key to client relationships

Scott Greenberg, motivational speaker, Jump Start Performance, explains how advisors can forge stronger relationships with clients by understanding their emotional mindset.

It’s just as important advisors choose the right clients to work with as it is that individual investors choose the right financial professionals

CSA launches consultation on banning embedded commissions

You and a client may find your needs are no longer aligned

The steps you take to correct a problem that has made a client irate actually can strengthen your relationship with that client in the long run. But a poor response can be almost as bad as no response

IAP roundtable to discuss risk profiling and retail advice

Forget what matters to you — focus on the client

An antagonistic relationship can be draining, both financially and emotionally

Should you dress down for client meetings?

In this week’s Gaining Altitude, Dan Richards, CEO, Client Insights, explains why you should tailor the way you dress to be both professional — and accessible.