It's You, Not Me
Hennick Wealth Management

Clients often end up in bad advisor relationships simply because they don’t know how to initiate a “break-up,” according Adam Hennick, investment advisor with Toronto-based Hennick Wealth Management.

For clients unsure of how to cut ties with their advisor, Hennick has created four cards to help clients say goodbye to their advisor once and for all.

All cards feature a short poem on the inside of the card, such as shown in the card “Fare Thee Well,” which concludes:

I’m pulling out now and taking my money too.
It’s not about me,
It’s about you

The four copyright-free cards can be downloaded or purchased from the Hennick Weath Management website.

“We’re probably not going to win many friends in the advisor community with this,” says Hennick, in a statement. “But I think it’s important to give dissatisfied Canadians the opportunity to find the right advisor, and a break up card could enable them to leave their current advisor and avoid a painful conversation in the process.”