Vancouver-based Maximizer Services Inc. has launched its updated client relationship management (CRM) system, which promises to store a greater assortment of data to reflect the full amount of information financial advisors are expected to know about their clients.

Maximizer CRM Wealth Manager 2017 will have fields that can capture all data points from forms related to know-your-client, personal information, informed consent and other commonly used forms within each client’s record. It will also help advisors manage portfolios that consist of multiple products including mutual funds, segregated funds and life insurance, according to an announcement released Tuesday.

“To help advisors and their support teams efficiently manage and grow their accounts, financial services relationship management software needs to go way beyond storing basic client information, such as name and contact details, to capture detailed information on all aspects of an advisor’s offering,” says Vivek Thomas, president at Maximizer, in a statement.

The 2017 release includes hundreds of preconfigured industry specific fields, more than 30 best practices business processes, predefined segmentation searches, industry-specific action plans and dashboards.

The updated CRM system is designed to streamline all aspects of an advisor’s day-to-day business, from contact and household management, client service and industry specific action plans, to auditing and reporting.