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The similarity of Advocis’ IAFE could create confusion

New name of relaunched CLU could create confusion with IAFP, ruling states

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Bryce Cross has now won in this competition for the second time in its short three-year history

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The third annual competition requires students to prepare a document and video on whether robo-advisors will help clients’ meet their financial planning needs

The IAFP focuses in on increasing its membership

The institute, which grants the RFP designation, is dealing with challenges related to declining membership due to retirement and competition

Jim Virtue succeeds Caron Czorny

Mentorship program also aims to increase the association's membership, which has been declining

Many IRS measures specifically target foreign taxpayers meaning plenty of Americans in Canada will be impacted

If the client’s memory begins to fail, advisors can end up in the middle of contentious family disputes

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