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New York boosts cybersecurity

A recent survey of 649 registered firms found that more than half experienced a cybersecurity incident in 2016

CSA says companies must tell investors about risks

Larger companies and certain sectors tend to be doing a better job at finding female corporate directors

Ban supports efforts to protect Canadians from fraud

New York boosts cybersecurity

The review follows the SEC’s disclosure that its EDGAR financial documents filing system was breached in 2016

OSC announces key details for embedded commissions roundtable

What regulators will decide to do on this remains unclear — and the discussions held on Monday did little to clarify the issue

MFDA earns clean bill of health from CSA

Former issues of false signatures and firm discipline resolved

The committee provides securities regulators with insight into the mining industry

The new documents share many similarities to Fund Facts for mutual funds, but contain information specific to ETFs as they’re traded on exchanges

Although firms have long asked for more streamlined rules, there are some requirements many would like to retain