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Some groups are against the CSA's proposed easing of rules for determining corporate directors' independence

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Regulators release additional disclosure expectations for companies

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Co-operation deal aims to allow fintech firms to extend their global reach and actively learn from each other

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Since Canada’s binary options ban, fraudsters have increasingly relied on cryptocurrencies and ICOs

The umbrella organization for Canada’s provincial and territorial securities regulators. says it will communicate more details about its position shortly

First Block Capital granted bitcoin investment fund manager registration

Dealers and advisors must perform their own due diligence before recommending these products to their clients

Canadian regulators will continue to monitor developments in Europe

Regulators plan to unveil new reporting framework in 2018

Canadians face obstacles to investing

Canadian investors are increasingly relying on social media for their information about investing

A new consultation paper aims to weigh the costs and benefits of different approaches to determining director and audit committee member independence