Toronto-based RBC Global Asset Management Inc. has launched 10 new RBC Corporate Class Funds. The funds provide investors with the choice of low volatility, Canadian, U.S., and international and global equities strategies. RBC Corporate Class Funds include a selection of fixed-income and equity funds that provide investors with tax-free switching and rebalancing, reduced taxable distributions and a method of tax-efficient bond investing. These funds include: RBC QUBE Low Volatility Canadian Equity Class, PH&N Canadian Equity Value Class, RBC QUBE Low Volatility U.S. Equity Class, RBC U.S. Equity Value Class, RBC U.S. Mid-Cap Value Equity Class, RBC U.S. Small-Cap Core Equity Class, RBC International Equity Class, RBC European Equity Class, RBC Global Equity Class and RBC QUBE Low Volatility Global Equity Class. Advisor commissions are 0%-5% for front-end sales, and 1% for the low-load option. There is no deferred sales option. Redemption fees begin at 2% in Year 1 and end at zero after Year 2 of the low-load schedule. Trailing commissions are 1% for all funds. For management fees for individual funds, visit Minimum investment is $500.


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