Toronto-based iA Clarington Investments Inc. has launched a global equity fund. iA Clarington Loomis Global Equity Opportunities Fund uses a high-conviction strategy and aims to identify high-quality companies with the potential for higher total return. The fund invests in 35 to 65 holdings and is actively subadvised by Loomis Sayles & Co. LP. Advisor commissions are 0%-5% for front-end sales, 5% for deferred sales and 2.5% for the low-load option. Redemption fees begin at 5.75% in Year 1 and end at zero after Year 7 for the regular DSC schedule, or begin at 3% in Year 1 and end at zero after Year 3 of the low-load schedule. Trailing commissions are 1% for front-end sales; 0.5% for the first seven years of deferred sales, and 1% thereafter; and 0.5% for the first three years of the low-load option, and 1% thereafter. Management fees are 1.90% for A-class units, 1.75% for E-class units and 0.80% for F-class units. Minimum investment is $500.

The firm also announced last month that all funds in the iA Clarington Inhance SRI suite now are fossil-fuel free. That lineup, which is subadvised by Vancouver-based Vancity Investment Management Ltd., consists of four stand-alone mutual funds and three all-in-one portfolio solutions. None of those funds will invest in oil, gas or coal producers, pipeline companies, natural gas distribution utilities or liquefied natural gas operations.

In addition, iA Clarington’s flagship managed-asset program has been renamed iA Wealth Managed Portfolios, and the firm introduced active ETF versions of some funds.