Montreal-based Formula Growth Ltd. has introduced a new fund to its family. Formula Growth Mutual Fund seeks to achieve long-term capital growth through capital appreciation by investing primarily in U.S. equities securities of small- to medium-cap U.S. companies judged by the fund’s portfolio manager to have above-average growth potential or to be undervalued. The fund also can invest up to 30% of its assets under management in bonds, non-U.S. equities and equities issued by large-cap U.S. companies in which the portfolio manager sees attractive opportunities or for the purposes of diversification and seeking other capital growth opportunities. The fund employs a bottom-up security selection method supplemented by several quantitative and qualitative analytical tools. Advisor commissions are 0%-2% for front-end sales. There are no deferred or low-load options. Trailing commissions are 1%. Management fees are 2% for A-class units and 1% for F-class units. Minimum investment is $1,000.


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