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Create a “must read” e-newsletter

A successful e-newsletter has six crucial components. Some advisors get two or three right, but few nail them all

Family practice

McKenzie Esposito plays an important role in his family's financial advisory firm. As part of the firm's succession plan, he communicates well with the children…

  • By: Leah Golob
  • April 27, 2018 September 25, 2018
  • 00:10
beautiful senior couple having a walk along embankment, man with cane

Mental capacity: the advisor’s role

When you suspect cognitive decline in an aging client, how can you ensure you serve that client's best interests while protecting his or her privacy?

closeup old hand with crutch

Clients and mental capacity

As financial advisors struggle to deal with clients who may be experiencing a decline in their cognitive abilities, regulators are responding to the need for…

hands passing the baton, business and sports, business succession

Succession plan begins with a vision

The emotional aspects of making the transition to retirement can be the most challenging of all. The cases of two advisors demonstrate the importance of…

Business man signing a contract

Should your client use a corporate executor?

Hiring a professional to administer the terms of a will can be expensive. But in cases involving a large, complex or potentially contentious estate, an…

Investment Executive table: Catalyst for referrals

Why referrals are declining

Reports from financial advisors and industry data indicate that clients are not referring their friends and family members as frequently as they did in years…

Smartphone with finance and market icons and symbols concept

Tech Tips: Roam, without getting robbed

Using your cellphone for calls, text and data while travelling can lead to some surprising charges when you get home. Here are some ways to…

Lessons in resilience

Jackie Porter had to find a way to support herself at an early age. Now, she advises clients on surviving life's setbacks

Phishing via internet isometric vector concept illustration Hacking credit card information website Cyber banking attack Online security

Cybercrime is on the rise

Research indicates that 2017 was the worst year ever for breaches in storage of personal data around the world, and this year is not looking…

Brave new way of doing business

As financial services firms make significant investments in technology, they're creating new ways for you to serve your clients

Abstract bitcoin crypto currency blockchain technology on global world map illustration

Cryptocurrencies and your clients

When your client asks you about bitcoin - or any other speculative investment - remember to consider that client's long-term goals. There are ways to…

Social media: Getting it right

As users of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn become more discriminating, the onus is on you to curate and create content that is compelling - and…

Avoid technology’s health risks

Staying connected to the office and your clients can boost your efficiency. But when technology enables work to encroach on your personal life, it's time…

Technology and the art of advice

Michael Taglieri, an advisor with Assante Capital Management in Burlington, Ont., has a background in art and a penchant for technology. He says both interests…

  • By: Leah Golob
  • February 15, 2018 February 22, 2018
  • 00:12

The winners: Advisors who adapt

Although some advisors view the advent of technology as a threat to their existence, others foresee collaboration between the power of technology and the professional…

Tech Tips: The tech-savvy office

You don't have to be a geek to bring your practice up to technological speed. Just a few upgrades - such as a big-screen TV…

alphabet letter tiles

The letters after your name

From CFP to CDFA, the designations on your business card can be confusing to your clients, but are important to your career. Here's a guide…

Customer Relationship Management handshake provider and customer flat illustration

Overcoming the Big Five challenges

Several trends shaping the financial advisory business will affect your practice. The keys to coming out ahead lie in improving your service and embracing technology

A diplomatic approach

With a background in accounting and the mutual fund business, Prem Malik provides a wide range of services to his clients. He believes in listening…

Awaiting a decision

After a year of intense debate over a ban on embedded commissions, all eyes are on the CSA

The regulatory conundrum

The big issue is the fate of the proposed Co-operative Capital Markets Regulator. But other issues will contribute in making 2018 a confusing year

Innovation, international growth

Canada's Big Six banks seek new ways to embrace technology - including working with fintech firms and incorporating AI into banking services

Fintech firms target expansion

With robo-advisor platforms and similar services here to stay, these firms will magnify their existing offerings and enter new arenas

ETFs and mutual funds to overlap

Both markets are poised to enjoy healthy growth in 2018, but the ETF market is broadening beyond products that mimic key benchmark indices