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Expect an insurance shakeup

Although insurance products themselves aren't expected to undergo drastic changes, pricing is likely to shift for some products, and insurers are re-evaluating others

Insurance: Tough times for MGAs

A growing list of compliance responsibilities - including advisor oversight - and a trend toward acquisition by larger firms presents challenges for independent insurance distributors

An eventful year in tax policy

The federal government must find a way to proceed with changes to the tax rules affecting private corporations and respond appropriately to U.S. tax cuts

Focusing on the next generation

Some firms are revamping their strategies and training programs to ensure the next generation of advisors is prepared for a changing marketplace

A major tipping point for RI?

Asset-management companies increasingly are integrating environmental, social and corporate governance factors into the selection and management of investments as investors' interest in responsible investing grows

  • By: Leah Golob
  • January 15, 2018 March 29, 2018
  • 00:09

Should clients delay taking benefits?

The advantages of making early RRSP withdrawals and postponing CPP and OAS benefits can be substantial

Tech Tips: Highly effective calendar apps

There are many calendar and productivity applications that can help you take control of your schedule. Some can be shared with other team members and…

Looking beyond the money

Halifax advisor Wendy Brookhouse believes the key to financial success for her clients lies in addressing the comprehensive range of issues they face - and…

Prepare for the worst

You are required to have a plan in place should your business be disrupted by a natural or unnatural disaster, such as a storm, fire…

Offer “frequent flier” service

Although legacy airlines have been known to treat their average customers atrociously, there is a lot to be learned from the service they offer their…

Tech Tips: Presentations with pizzazz

With the wide variety of software tools available, you can stick with the tried-and-true PowerPoint and Keynote applications, or go with one of the less…

A practice as matrimonial asset

The valuation of a financial advisor's book of business for a divorce settlement must be based on a proven methodology that brings appropriate perspective and…

Higher learning

Here are some steps you can take to raise the level of financial literacy among your clients

Stocks for an aging population

Look for investment opportunities in a broad range of sectors that focus on older consumers

No fear: Keeping retired clients calm

Many people are more afraid of running out of money than of dying. Advisors need to ensure retired clients act prudently

Helping the kids inherit

Many affluent families worry that a large inheritance will rob their children of motivation. There also are concerns about how they will handle the money.…

ETFs: The value of starting early

Millennial clients who begin a low-cost plan of saving for retirement now will reap the benefits over time. We asked two portfolio managers with ETF…

Help older clients control debt

A desire to help children and grandchildren - combined with the availability of credit - is encouraging many elderly clients to carry debt into retirement

For better or for worse

Spousal RRSPs can be a simple and effective tax-saving strategy for married and common-law couples. But these accounts are not for everyone - and have…

Should your clients sell the house?

Clients seeking to access the value held in their homes during retirement often are faced with a difficult choice: should they sell and downsize, or…

New risks for fixed-income

With interest rates beginning to inch higher after ultra-low levels over the past several years, generating decent returns from a fixed-income portfolio remains a challenge

Women face different headwinds

Women are very concerned about maintaining support for their families. They also are more likely than men to be single later in life and to…

  • By: Leah Golob
  • November 14, 2017 November 14, 2017
  • 00:50

How to help “Silver Surfers”

Technology can help older clients manage both long-term assets and daily finances

CPP: Answering your questions

Many clients rely on the Canada Pension Plan to form at least part of their guaranteed retirement income. But deciding when to take the benefit,…

Tech Tips: Appearance is everything

There are many features to consider when selecting a monitor for your computer. Understanding characteristics such as panel type, screen size and resolution can help…