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What happens to the business?

What happens to the business?

You can play a dual role — both coach and quarterback — to help your business-owner clients create an estate plan

hands passing the baton, business succession theme

Passing the torch to your children

While you may have a strong motivation to have the kids take over your practice, family successions don't always work out as planned

Keeping cloud-based data secure

Tech Tips: Keeping cloud- based data secure

Cloud services offer convenient storage and seamless workflows — as well as risk. Here are some tools and strategies to keep your files safe

A focus on the client

A focus on the client

Since Julia Chung co-founded Spring Financial Planning in 2017, it has grown to include 11 advisors across Canada

Single woman in apartment

Singles: A growing demographic

The needs of single clients can differ from those of couples, so tailor your planning services appropriately

Chris Ferris, IE May 2019 issue

Rising to the top of the class

Chris Ferris' commitment to education and financial planning helped him score top marks in the latest Canadawide CFP examination

WI-FI icons with buildings

Tech Tips: Getting the most from your Wi-Fi

A mixture of the latest wireless networking standard and some configuration tricks can ensure that you have excellent coverage throughout your office

people helping each other hike up a mountain at sunrise

Value of partnership

Working with a partner can help you grow your business while making sure your clients get the best service available throughout the year

young businessman thinking about alternatives

Strategy begins with vision

There is a natural order to the creation of a long-term plan for any business. Begin your planning with a clear vision of what you…

tax calculator with red button

On deadline: Tax tips

Even if you don't prepare your clients' taxes, you can help with these pointers

Smiling businessman calculates taxes and gesturing thumbs up

Tech Tips: Tax software for your clients

Help your clients navigate a wide selection of tax preparation products to find the right one for their needs - and their device

Silhouttes of Two Business People Having a Handshake

Your clients should feel valued

Clients often feel unimportant because of advisors' failure to manage the experience

boomer couple signing contract with financial planner

After the rush: Post-RRSP reviews

Now that the contribution deadline has passed, this is a good time to review your clients' changing needs

Depression, business man sitting on ground street concrete stairs suffering emotional pain,

Your clients and mental health

Problems such as depression and addiction can affect a client's ability to make financial decisions

Technology with a personal touch

A varied, international education gives Ahilan Balachandran a unique perspective on financial services

lion tamer with lion vector image

Taming the robo beast

Digital investment platforms, no longer the threat they once appeared to be, are being embraced by some advisors as key elements of their service. These…

fintech and blockchain icons on financial technology background

Fintech’s slow, deliberate growth

While digital technology lends itself well to financial planning, the financial services industry faces challenges in keeping up with the rapid pace of change

  • By: Katie Keir
  • February 12, 2019 June 14, 2019
  • 00:13
business chart showing financial success

Ten essential practice technologies

Advisors who embrace technology experience deeper client relationships, greater efficiency and growing businesses. Here's a look at the top tools for a sound, tech-based practice

Businessman confused and being in bad temper with error message on computer.

Tech Tips: Top tech mistakes

Careful planning will save time, money - and aggravation

cybersecurity of network of connected devices and personal data security, concept on virtual interface with consultant in background

Locking out the bad guys

Viruses and other malicious software can pose a threat to your computer and mobile devices. Protecting your devices can be inexpensive and easy with these…

hand drawing creative business strategy with light bulb as concept

Embracing innovation

A majority of wealth-management companies worldwide rate technology as difficult to master, but banks are committed to developing innovations that help advisors meet clients' needs

macro view of tablet computer and touchscreen smartphones with colorful interfaces on laptop notebook pc

Hazardous to your health?

Digital tools are lifesavers - except when they're not. Learn how to avoid injury when using your favourite devices

usinessman holding binoculars with tie and shirt on cityscape

Headwinds approaching

The financial services industry faces many challenges this year, including slowing growth, rising interest rates and changes to the regulatory framework

Queen's Park, Ontario legislature, exterior

A disruptive force

The Ontario government, elected last June, has a policy of deregulation in general, but also is willing to interfere with policy-making directly

Young female hands tablet with red and blue charts analyze concept calculation

Gradual shifts in the fund industry

As ETFs' explosive growth in AUM continues, expect more actively managed ETFs and lower fees. While mutual funds' massive AUM dominates - for now -…