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a man interrupts a cascade of falling dominoes

To be continued

Advisory firms were forced to act quickly to deploy their business continuity plans and adapt to the challenges posed by Covid-19

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Coach’s Forum: Make the transition to “transition coach”

Helping business-owner clients transfer their businesses can enable you to end your career on a high note

working from home

The home front

The key to managing a successful strategy for your team to work from home is to maintain a structure while accommodating staff members' personal needs

Black female boss leading corporate multiracial team meeting talking to diverse businesspeople, african american woman executive discussing project plan at group multi-ethnic briefing in boardroom

Ignore ESG at your peril

Advisors who are familiar with responsible investing will be well positioned to attract and retain millennial clients

Shaun Darchiville

The right attitude

Shaun Darchiville has spent his entire adult life in the investment industry. He is driven by a commitment to ethics and a love of music

You're the coach

You’re the coach

How to help clients through financial downturns

mature woman with tablet

Digital assets and estate planning

The first step in dealing with a client's online accounts is to persuade them of the importance of addressing these assets in a will and…

Lisa Elle

A focus on women

Lisa Elle's goal is to address the unmet needs of today's women by making finances "a little more fun"

finding your niche

The new “niche”

There's more to specialization than focusing on a client group. You have to define the specific needs of those clients and what you can do…

Retro image of male hand of a designer drawing with the stylus on a grey graphics tablet, close-up.

Tech Tips: E-signatures can streamline paperwork

Clients demand services that are fast and convenient. E-signatures can save you and your clients time and paperwork without compromising security

Nadine Allen

Putting down roots in northern Alberta

Nadine Allen uses financial expertise, empathy and community support to foster client relationships

Insuring younger clients

Single millennials may not need life insurance, but many could benefit from disability insurance

Businesswoman using laptop in office

Coach’s Forum: Beginning the succession dialogue

Advisors are gradually awakening to the necessity of planning their transition from their practices, but the job is far from done

Special Report on Technology 2020

Compliance, clients to drive new tech

Firms also can use technology to facilitate client onboarding and to make client reporting more engaging and interactive

Shot of a group of young businesspeople using a laptop during a meeting in the boardroom of a modern office

Must-have technology buys for 2020

How to get the biggest bang for your buck when shopping for hardware and software

checking stock market data on a mobile device

Tech stocks offer risk and reward

Clients looking for investment opportunities in this rapidly changing sector must approach them with caution

Smartphone with finance and market icons and symbols concept

Latest fintechs focus on saving

Advisors beware: These innovations will soon be making their mark in Canada

technology for seniors

Health apps and gadgets for seniors

Digital technology can not only help your older clients stay healthy. Some devices can even save lives

Man on beach looking at the horizon,

Storm clouds on the horizon?

Despite global political and trade tensions, economic fundamentals remain relatively sound

businessman race hurdle competition

Firms face barriers to ETF market

Mutual fund dealers would like to join the ETF world, but hurdles abound

  • By: Katie Keir
  • January 17, 2020 January 20, 2020
  • 00:10
Two business man shaking hands with his team in office

How collaboration is improving advice

Professionals unite to meet industry challenges

cyber space with hexadecimal code as digital background

Artificial intelligence can boost compliance

Machine learning and data analytics will play growing roles in helping regulators find wrongdoing

Red and blue market performance graph

Liquid alts could use troubled waters

A look at how this product category is faring a year after its introduction

rules and regulations written on folder

Regulators to focus on big projects

With the concept of a national regulator in limbo, the CSA plans to review the self-regulatory structure

Rear view of traffic jam with breaklights showing

Positioning portfolios for a slowdown

Should clients stay the course, exit the market or review their asset mix?