March 2023


Investor advocates aren’t happy with the proposals either

Critics say current rules disadvantage retail investors and advisors

Doing well last year meant preserving capital and minimizing losses

Toni Ferrari draws on her background in accounting, regulation and compliance to lead the re-formed Canadian Investor Protection Fund

Special Report on Taxes

In some cases, closing accounts before moving abroad might make sense

How section 166 certificate applies to underused housing tax, when HST applies to tips and deducting Covid benefit repayments

Taxpayers who do not seek advice regarding their offshore assets can easily run afoul of the T1135 reporting rules

Clients can make corrections on previously filed documents through online channels or using a paper form

Thanks to higher interest rates, charges on overdue payments will soon rise to 9%. Tax specialists offer strategies to help clients minimize costs

Focus on Products

Breaking down the options in a largely untapped sector

How to Invest: Two advisors share how they would set up a portfolio for a $10 million windfall and a $10,000 employment bonus

Comment & Insight

Editorial: Investors are no better off today than they were at this time last year

Western provinces look to assert autonomy with revenue agencies