Green growth curve

Amsterdam-based Sustainalytics has made its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risk ratings on more than 4,000 public companies available on its website, the firm said in a release on Thursday.

By making the ESG risk ratings accessible, “all financial market stakeholders can have visibility into the material ESG risks within companies,” the research firm said.

The risk ratings measure company-level ESG risk by combining the concepts of management and exposure to arrive at a quantitative rating expressed across a risk spectrum (severe, high, medium, low or negligible), the release said.

By providing an absolute measure for assessing company ESG risk, the ratings are comparable for companies in different industries.

In addition to providing access to all investors, the firm said it expects company representatives — such as investor relations and corporate responsibility officers — to find the information helpful in understanding how their companies and peers are rated from an ESG perspective.

In February 2018, Sustainalytics provided public access to its ESG ratings and data through Yahoo! Finance.

Chicago-based research firm Morningstar, Inc. took 100% ownership of Sustainalytics earlier this year.