oil pump
iStockphoto.com / baona

Citing the impact of ongoing geopolitical tensions, Fitch Ratings is expecting higher oil prices over the next couple of years.

The rating agency raised its oil price assumptions for 2024-2025, saying it now expects it will take longer for prices to return to their long-run levels thanks to supply constraints from Russia and OPEC+.

“The market is likely to remain tight over the medium term, given fairly low spare capacity and increasing demand,” it said.

As a result, Fitch said it expects the wider differential between Brent crude oil prices and West Texas Intermediate crude prices to remain at US$5 per barrel through 2025, due to higher shipping costs and market volatility. By 2026, it expects the differential to shrink to US$3/bbl.

Despite the shift in its short-term view, Fitch said its long-term oil price assumptions remain unchanged.

“Our long-term assumptions reflect falling long-term demand due to the energy transition,” it said.

At the same time, Fitch reduced its natural gas price assumptions for 2023-2024, citing reduced demand in Europe, higher-than-average storage levels and its expectation that U.S. production will increase.