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Building silhouettes of a city and Canadian flag

Measures to facilitate greater female participation in the labour force could help boost GDP and the government’s fiscal position

Report follows the conclusion of ESMA’s review of the current fee structures in the credit rating and trade repository industries

Modest economic growth, sustained commodity prices will keep corporate revenue on an upward trajectory

Risk mounts for Canada housing: Fitch

The country has many strengths, but it also has the second highest government debt of any “AAA”-rated sovereign

Feds to consider expanded services from banks, fintechs

The credit-rating agency’s expectations of continued government support for the big banks remains unchanged — as do its ratings for the banks

Comments on CSA proposals are due by Oct. 4

The German and U.K. divisions of Moody’s Investors Service breached rules governing credit rating agencies

North American issuers made up majority of defaults so far this year

The ERP is an important element of ESMA’s work to increase transparency around credit ratings and help investors make informed decisions

Consultation paper examines how these products differ from traditional credit ratings