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Commercial real estate exposure a bigger issue for smaller U.S. lenders

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Tighter financial conditions and diminished savings will weigh on U.S. consumers, Fitch says

Businessman remove one piece from jenga tower Risk management concept metaphor

Tighter financial conditions continue to loom over markets

Man holding a credit card, typing on laptop, online shopping

Credit card performance deteriorating, insolvencies rising, as higher rates and inflation bite

Silicon Valley Bank storefront

Regulatory change likely on the way following bank sector turmoil, Fitch says

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Fleeing financial advisors and clients could reduce bailout's benefit to the bank

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Supply chain issues, wage costs keep food prices high, even as inputs fall

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A strong rebound in China boosts first quarter growth

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Results can be hard to comprehend and compare, new report says

Hedge funds, asset managers and even crypto firms face increased oversight, Fitch says