Bridgehouse introduces Morningstar Managed Investments Program

Toronto-based Quadrus Group of Funds has implemented a rebate program for investors who have consolidated assets of $100,000 in particular series of Quadrus funds.

The rebate will be applicable to fund series Q, D5, D8, QF, QF5, H, H5, H8 and RB, according to to an announcement on Monday by Quadrus Investment Services Ltd., which offers this family of funds.

“Clients who meet the $100,000 threshold will now be eligible for a management fee rebate, which will be applied towards the purchase of additional units that will help them to continue to grow their investment,” says Michael Stanley, Quadrus’s president and CEO, in a statement.

“As clients continue to grow their assets with Quadrus, the already competitive fees decrease and this lower fee will apply to every additional dollar invested above $100,000,” he adds.

The applicable management fee reduction for each fund is determined based on the total market value of all of the Quadrus funds an investor holds within the affected series. When the client reaches the threshold, the rebate is applied automatically to all eligible accounts without any need for the client or the advisor to switch fund series or process trades.

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