Quadrus Investment Services Ltd. today introduced automatic rebalancing of mutual funds across an entire portfolio with its new Fusion investment program.

“Investment representatives have often asked us to make it easier to build portfolios with mutual funds, and to provide simple yet sophisticated solutions for their affluent clients. We have achieved this by introducing the first investment program in Canada to automatically rebalance a client’s portfolio across any mutual funds they hold with Quadrus,” says Alf Goodall, vp, marketing for Quadrus.

The program is designed to replace time-consuming manual portfolio rebalancing by advisors.

There are no fees attached to the Fusion program itself, Quadrus says. Clients pay only the regular fees associated with mutual funds as outlined in the funds’ prospectus.

The Fusion program also provides the option to link personal rate of return reporting to the goals the client set out at the planning stage. “It’s a more personally meaningful benchmark than the market or other external factors,” Goodall says.

Another attraction for clients and representatives is the program’s flexibility. Portfolios can be fully customized with an almost endless number of model portfolios built on the efficient frontier to fill specific client wants or needs. Clients can choose to opt out of some of the program’s features.

Model portfolios can be built using six new tax-advantaged funds offered through the Quadrus Group of Funds, but the program is open to the thousands of mutual funds available through Quadrus.

The six new tax-advantaged funds — available for sale starting July 8 — are designed to minimize expected risk with multi-managers on each of the equity funds. They are:

  • Quadrus Cash Management Corporate Class;
  • Quadrus Fixed Income Corporate Class;
  • Quadrus Canadian Equity Corporate Class;
  • Quadrus Canadian Specialty Corporate Class;
  • Quadrus U.S. and International Equity Corporate Class; and,li> Quadrus U.S. and International Specialty Corporate Class.

The funds give clients access to diversified portfolios sub-advised by investment managers GWL Investment Management Ltd., London Life Investment Management Ltd., Laketon Investment Management Ltd., UBS Global Asset Management (Canada) Co., Fidelity Investments, Mackenzie Financial Corp., Franklin Templeton Investments Corp., and AIM Funds Management Inc.

The six new funds are also available to Quadrus clients outside the Fusion program.

Quadrus is one of the largest mutual fund dealers in Canada with more than 3,400 registered investment representatives. Quadrus is wholly owned by London Life Insurance Co. and affiliated with The Great-West Life Assurance Co.