People Working Finance Stock Exchange ConceptPeople Working Finance Stock Exchange Concept

Each week, Investment Executive will list notable new investment products launched in Canada. Here’s what has come out recently:

  • Evolve Funds Group Inc.’s Canadian Banks and Lifecos Enhanced Yield Index Fund began trading Feb. 2 on the TSX under the BANK ticker symbol. The fund gives investors exposure to the 10 largest Canadian banks and insurance companies, rebalanced quarterly on an equally weighted basis. The fund’s management fee is 0.6%.
  • CI Global Asset Management launched Feb. 1 the CI Galaxy Multi-Crypto ETF, which offers exposure to the two largest cryptocurrencies through the firm’s existing Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs. The fund’s risk rating is high and the management fee is 0.5%. CI said it would cap the ETF’s management expense ratio at 1.05%.
  • On Jan. 4, Equitable Bank launched an immediate financing arrangement, a line of credit for whole life insurance policies. Clients could be eligible to borrow 100% of the total annual premium of their policy with no additional collateral requirements if they have a whole life insurance policy — with a minimum annual premium of $50,000 — with one of Equitable Bank’s insurance partners.

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