Each week, Investment Executive will list notable new investment products launched in Canada. Here’s what came out over the past week:

  • On Jan. 31, Mackenzie Investments is launching a private credit fund for retail investors that uses an interval structure to allow for quarterly redemptions. The management fee is 2.25% for Series A, and 1.25% for Series F. And on Jan 24, Mackenzie announced the North American Equity Fund and the Mackenzie North American Balanced Fund. The risk ratings are low to medium. For the equity fund, management fees range from 0.8% for Series PWFB to 2% for Series A. For the balanced fund, management fees range from 0.7% for Series F and PWFB to 1.85% for Series A.
  • On Jan. 28, Desjardins Global Asset Management Inc. launched the SocieTerra American Equity ETF (DSAE), which uses a “responsible” investment policy. ClearBridge Investments LLC is the sub-advisor and the management fee is 0.8%.
  • BMO Asset Management Inc. listed 10 new ETFs on Jan. 27. The Corporate Discount Bond ETF (ZCDB) invests in short-term bonds while another (ZJPN/ZJPN.F) aims to replicate Solactive’s GBS Japan Large – Mid Cap Index. Meanwhile, the BMO MSCI ACWI Paris Aligned Climate Equity Index ETF (ZGRN) is meant to replicate the performance of a portfolio of global climate-focused equities. BMO’s other new ETFs are the Short-Term Discount Bond ETF (ZSDB), All-Equity ETF (ZEQT), Covered Call Banks ETF USD Units (ZWB.U), Laddered Preferred Share Index ETF USD Units (ZPR.U), Monthly Income ETF USD Units (ZMI.U) and Balanced ETF T6 Payout Series (ZBAL.T). Management fees range from 0.09% for ZSDB to 0.65% for ZWB.U.
  • Dynamic Funds has three new fixed income offerings as of Jan. 27: Global Fixed Income Fund (subadvised by Payden & Rygel), Short Term Credit PLUS Fund and Sustainable Credit Private Pool. The short-term fund — based on investment-grade fixed income securities issued in North America — will use alternative investment strategies, including the use of leverage created through cash borrowing, short-selling, and derivative contracts. Meanwhile, the private pool is comprised of fixed-income securities. Management fees are 1.1% for the Global Fixed Income Fund and 0.55% for the Short Term Credit PLUS Fund. Management fees for the private pool range from 0.475% to 0.6%, depending on fund value.
  • Fidelity Investments Canada ULC launched a fixed income fund while also expanding its suite of all-in-one products on Jan. 25. The Fidelity Tactical Credit Fund was designed as a complement to core fixed income holdings. Fidelity also released its All-in-One Conservative ETF and the All-in-One Equity ETF.
  • With five new portfolio products, RBC Global Asset Management Inc. is offering more exposure to global equities as of Jan 24. The RBC Global Choices Portfolios will be invested in a selection of 10 funds managed by eight different firms. The risk ratings vary from low for the very conservative portfolio, to medium for the all-equity portfolio. The management fees for the portfolios range from 0.85% for the F series to 1.85% for the A series.

Accelerate Financial Technologies Inc. also announced plans to launch the Accelerate Non-Fungible Token Fund in a few months.

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