Mackenzie Financial Corp. announced its intention to call special meetings of unitholders for the Folio Funds and GWLIM Ethics Fund. These funds are distributed exclusively through Quadrus Investment Services Ltd. The meetings are scheduled for June 22.

Unitholders of Conservative Folio Fund, Moderate Folio Fund, Balanced Folio Fund, Advanced Folio Fund and Aggressive Folio Fund will be asked to consider a change in the investment objectives for each of these funds and to consider the amendments to the master declaration of trust.

The new investment objective would remove the requirement to invest in specified underlying funds in specified weightings, and would instead permit each of the funds to invest in securities of other mutual funds generally or directly in securities in order to achieve their respective investment objectives.

The amended and restated Quadrus master declaration of trust would reflect Mackenzie’s new fund governance regime and would simplify the administration of the Quadrus funds.