Vancouver-based HSBC Global Asset Management (Canada) Ltd. has added a new sub-advisor to the group of investment managers for the HSBC MultiAlpha Funds, part of the HSBC Pooled Funds range used within the World Selection Portfolio service.

Effective May 24, Artisan Partners has been appointed sub-advisor to the HSBC MultiAlpha U.S. Equity Pooled Fund, and will co-manage this fund together with Herndon Capital Management, LLC; Los Angeles Capital Management and Equity Research, Inc.; WestEnd Advisors; and Winslow Capital Management Inc.

HSBC MultiAlpha Funds have the flexibility to leverage the expertise of multiple investment managers with complementary styles providing clients with an additional level of diversification and the opportunity over time to enhance their potential risk adjusted returns.

World Selection Portfolio service is a discretionary portfolio management service that provides investors with access to some of the world’s leading investment managers.