Empire Life expands digital applications to seg funds

Winnipeg-based Great-West Life Assurance Co. (GWL) and its sister companies, Toronto-based Canada Life Assurance Co. and London, Ont.-based London Life Insurance Co., have launched three new low-volatility segregated funds.

The seg funds aim to appeal to clients who are nervous about their investments during market fluctuations and particularly retirees, who are often seeking higher returns with lower risks over time.

“Even during times of market volatility, investors still need to generate meaningful returns to meet their long-term goals,” says George Turpie, senior vice president, investment products, wealth management, in a statement. “Our new low-volatility seg funds are designed to help protect investor portfolios against market downturns while still retaining meaningful potential for growth.”

The new seg funds, available exclusively through GWL, London Life and Canada Life, include:

  • Global Low Volatility seg fund, managed by Irish Life Investment Managers, provides investors with exposure to stocks from around the world while helping to reduce the impact of volatile market contractions in global equity markets.
  • Canadian Low Volatility seg fund, managed by London Capital Management, uses an active selection process to provide diversified risk-controlled exposure to Canadian equities.
  • U.S. Low Volatility fund, managed by Putnam Investments, provides exposure to the largest equity market in the world through a U.S.-based investment manager with sophisticated tools to curb volatility.

The new funds are available in both individual seg funds and group retirement savings plans.

Photo copyright: vizafoto/123RF