Fundata Canada Inc. announced the winners of the FundGrade A+ Rating for 2012 at an event Thursday night in Toronto.

“Recipient funds have demonstrated consistent, outstanding risk-adjusted performance through the year,” explains Janny Vincent, president and CEO of Toronto-based Fundata.

The FundGrade A+ Rating is the first and only totally objective, transparent, score-based calculation using a grade-point average that ranks funds to determine the annual “best-of-the-best” ratings. It provides investors, advisors, and fund managers with a single, reliable, easy-to-understand fund-performance rating based on an entire calendar year.

“We feel that identifying and honouring Canada’s top-notch investment funds with the FundGrade A+ Rating signifies a very unique accomplishment by the fund companies and will allow investors and advisors to easily identify the best of the best over the past year,” Vincent says.

The rating builds on and enhances Fundata’s FundGrade fund rating system. The A+ Rating is awarded annually to funds that have achieved consistently high FundGrade scores through an entire calendar year.

“The A+ rating is an exclusive group,” says Vincent. “Less than 5% of eligible funds in Canada receive the A+ ranking.”

A complete list of the 228 funds receiving the A+ Rating for 2012, is posted on the Fundata website at

Mutual funds and segregated funds have been graded separately. Pooled funds and hedge funds are not included in the calculations.