Empire Life expands digital applications to seg funds

Toronto-based Franklin Templeton Investments Corp. announced on Monday that it’s reducing management fees for its Canadian and U.S. quant mandates.

This move, which will affect four funds under the Franklin Bissett banner, also comes with a proposed name change to Franklin ActiveQuant. (A full list of the corresponding name changes is available in the firm’s news release.)

The changes are expected to kick in April 3. Management fees for Series A and Series of F Franklin ActiveQuant Canadian Fund, Franklin ActiveQuant Canadian Corporate Class and Franklin ActiveQuant U.S. Corporate Class will be cut by 35% to 1.65% and 0.65%, respectively.

In addition, the fees for Series I, which has been capped for new purchases, will be reduced to 1.30% while Series PF fees will be reduced to 0.55%.

All Series O unitholders will also see their management fees reduced to 0.70% for investments up to $2.5 million. Those with investments between $2.5 million and $5 million will see it cut to 0.65% and those with more than $5 million will see the fee reduced to 0.60%.

Photo copyright: vizafoto/123RF