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Fidelity Investments Canada ULC launched a new fixed income fund Tuesday while also expanding its suite of all-in-one products.

The Fidelity Tactical Credit Fund was designed as a complement to core fixed income holdings, the firm said in a release. The active fund includes non-investment grade fixed income securities and strategies such as flexible duration management and yield curve positioning.

“With changing bond market trends and the persistent appetite for more income, there is demand among investors for a nimble fixed income strategy that offers higher income potential with an extensive risk management approach,” said Kelly Creelman, Fidelity’s senior vice-president for products and marketing, in the release.

Series B of the fund has a management fee of 1.2%, while the Series F fee is 0.7%. The fund’s risk rating is low to medium.

Fidelity also expanded its offering of asset allocation products, adding the Fidelity All-in-One Conservative ETF and the Fidelity All-in-One Equity ETF. The one-ticket product suite launched last year with growth and balanced options.

The conservative fund, with a risk rating of low to medium, invests primarily in underlying Fidelity ETFs. Its asset mix is approximately 40% equities, 59% fixed income and 1% cryptocurrencies. (Earlier this month, Fidelity added crypto exposure to its all-in-one products.) The management fee is expected to be around 0.34%.

The equity ETF invests in underlying Fidelity ETFs, with an asset mix of roughly 97% global equities and 3% cryptocurrencies. The risk rating is medium and the management fee is expected to be around 0.38%.

Both all-in-one funds began trading Tuesday on the NEO exchange, and they each have corresponding mutual funds with management fees of 1%.