Empire Life Investments Inc. has appointed Ashley Misquitta to the role of senior portfolio manager of U.S. equities, according to an announcement released on Tuesday.

Misquitta is currently responsible for managing Empire Life American Value GIF at the asset manager, whose parent company is Kingston, Ont.-based Empire Life Insurance Co. He has 14 years of industry experience, which includes stints with Mackenzie Financial Corp. and Invesco Canada Ltd., both based in Toronto.

“I’m excited to have Ashley join our team to share his deep knowledge of U.S. equity markets with the rest of the team,” says Ian Hardacre, senior vice president and chief investment officer, with Empire Life Investments. “Ashley’s investment philosophy aligns well with our conservative, value-oriented and disciplined investment style with an emphasis on downside protection to help preserve and build wealth for clients.”

Photo copyright: nonwarit/123RF