Bridgehouse, Morningstar to introduce managed investments program

Brandes Investment Partners and Co. (a.ka. Bridgehouse Asset Managers) and Morningstar Associates Inc., both based in Toronto, announced on Thursday that a preliminary prospectus has been filed to to launch a new management investments program, which includes five target-risk portfolios.

This latest collaboration between the two firms, which will access third-party funds, leverages Morningstar’s research arm and its “proprietary valuation-driven approach” to the active management of risks, the announcement states.

As part of the program, a risk-appetite questionnaire and investment policy statement will be deployed as tools to foster better communication between financial advisors and their clients, according to the announcement.

“With this new program, we draw on our extensive global research capabilities, combined with our local presence to select suitable holdings to help meet the needs of Canadian investors and their advisors,” says Michael Keaveney, head of investment management, Canada, with Morningstar Associates, in a statement.

The two firms formed their partnership in August 2016 in an effort to develop a shelf of competitively priced investment products. Then, in September, they launched their first joint mutual fund, Morningstar Strategic Canada Equity Fund, which featured about 30 to 40 companies. Investment selection for the fund was based, in part, on Morningstar’s proprietary equity ratings.

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