Bridgehouse Asset Managers, a trade name of Toronto-based Brandes Investment Partners & Co. has added both a new fund and a new fund class to its slate.

Sionna Opportunities Fund provides exposure to Toronto-based Sionna Investment Manager’s 20 to 30 top ideas from across Canada and beyond. The fund’s mandate gives the portfolio manager access to the full spectrum of market capitalization, as well the flexibility to invest up to 49% in foreign equities.

“Sionna Opportunities Fund leverages our stock selection skills to build a portfolio of our best ideas — with the goal of delivering significant alpha while carefully managing risk,” explains Kim Shannon, Sionna president and CIO.

The fund will be managed according to Sionna’s proven value approach to investing, focusing on companies that are trading at a discount to their intrinsic value estimate and demonstrate attractive risk/return attributes. While new to Canadian investors, this strategy is modelled after the Sionna High Conviction pool, which was launched in December 2008 and funded with internal capital.

“The holdings will likely look different from your more typical Canadian equity mutual funds,” says Teresa Lee, portfolio manager. “As a result, the Sionna Opportunities Fund can be a great risk-return complement to existing portfolios”

The Fund is available in Class A, AN, F and FN as well as the exclusive new Bridgehouse Private Client suite of classes (K, L and M).

Bridgehouse Private Client

With the introduction of the new Class K units and the addition of Class L and Class M across numerous Bridgehouse Funds, Bridgehouse Private Client offers an exclusive pricing structure for affluent individuals and households.

Eligibility is based on a minimum investment on a per-fund basis of $100,000. A financial group (or household) with $250,000 or more across any of the Bridgehouse Funds can invest in the Private Client suite of classes without a minimum per-fund investment. Additional rebates take effect for accounts of greater than $500,000 and $1,000,000.

“The Bridgehouse Private Client suite of classes affords advisors the flexibility and sophistication required to deal with affluent investors,” says Carol Lynde, president and COO of Bridgehouse Asset Managers.