Bridgehouse Asset Managers, the retail trade name for Toronto-based Brandes Investment Partners & Co., on Monday announced the planned re-designations of Series K, Series KH, Series L, Series LH, Series M and Series MH securities of all of the mutual funds managed by Bridgehouse offering such series.

The series re-designations are expected to occur on or about July 7.

The complete list of re-designations is available in the company’s announcement.

“If investors holding securities of a re-designated series maintain an ongoing minimum balance of $100,000 per fund account, or financial group assets of $250,000, Bridgehouse will provide such investors with non-discretionary, irrevocable management fee distributions in order to ensure that there is no aggregate increase in management fees and operating expenses as a result of the applicable series re-designation,” Bridgehouse says in a statement.

“Other expenses and fees will not increase as a result of the series re-designations,” Bridgehouse adds.

In advance of the re-designations, the series being re-designated will be closed to new purchases as of July 4.

Bridgehouse also announced the launch of the Greystone Global Equity Fund Introductory Pricing Program (the GGEF Pricing Program), which offers early investors in Greystone Global Equity Fund a reduction in management fee and/or operating expenses (cost). The cost, after the reduction, will be between 0.75% and 1.80%.

Full details of the cost reduction are available in the company’s announcement.

The reductions will be available to all existing securityholders of the applicable series of the Greystone Global Equity Fund, as well as to investors who purchase securities of the applicable series up to and including Dec. 31.