Toronto-based Bridgehouse Asset Managers, trade name of Brandes Investment Partners & Co, announced on Wednesday the addition of four new products to its lineup.

Lazard Global Low Volatility Fund is designed for investors worried about market volatility but looking for the long-term growth that equities offer, said Carol Lynde, president and chief operating officer of Bridgehouse, in a statement.

Lazard Asset Management (Canada) Inc., a subsidiary of New York-based Lazard Asset Management LLC, is the manager behind this fund.

“We address volatility by investing in companies that are broadly diversified across sectors, industries and geographies, and which are high-quality, financially stable with historically consistent earnings,” explains Paul Moghtader, managing director, portfolio manager and analyst at Lazard Asset Management. “Our goal with the Lazard Global Low Volatility Fund is to reduce participation in the extreme market conditions without compromising our ability to outperform over the long-term.”

Greystone Canadian Equity Income and Growth Class is managed by Regina-based Greystone Managed Investments Inc. and looks to increase investor income through growing businesses that are able to increase their dividends over time, according to Bridgehouse’s announcement.

“Investing in equities just for yield is akin to buying a bond except you’re taking on a lot more risk,” said James Baldwin, senior vice president at Greystone, in a statement. “We’re focused on companies that are growing their earnings and growing their dividends over time. We believe that is the best way to participate in long-term economic growth while also protecting against potential interest rate shocks.”

Bridgehouse is also adding Sionna Canadian Equity Private Pool, which is managed by Sionna Investment Managers Inc. in Toronto, to its lineup.

“The Sionna Canadian Equity Private Pool offers high net-worth investors reduced fees on a well-known, 100% pure, Canadian institutional mandate for higher investment minimums,” said Lynde. “With the new Sionna Canadian Equity Private Pool, investors get a renowned Canadian manager with an all-important fee break and tax-effective switching privileges within Corporate Class.”

The fourth product is Brandes Global Equity Class, managed by San-Diego based Brandes Investment Partners LP.

“The Brandes Global Equity Class offers access to Brandes’ best large cap value ideas around the world with the option of currency hedged or unhedged series,” added Lynde.

The products from Greystone, Sionna and Brandes are available in corporate class to enable switching without immediate tax implications and to minimize taxable distributions, Bridgehouse noted.