Toronto-based Brandes Investment Partners & Co. has received the required securityholder approvals to terminate three funds and move investors in those three funds into corresponding continuing funds.

The change will be effective on or about Feb. 24 and is subject to regulatory approvals, according to an announcement Brandes, which is more commonly known as Bridgehouse Asset Managers, released on Friday.

Investors within Brandes Global Equity Class will be moved into Brandes Global Equity Fund; investors within Sionna Canadian Equity Private Pool will be moved into Sionna Canadian Equity Fund; and investors within Greystone Canadian Equity Income and Growth Class will be moved into Greystone Canadian Equity Income and Growth Fund.

Investors in the terminating funds will receive securities of the appropriate continuing fund on a series-for-series and dollar-for-dollar basis. No sales charges, redemption fees or other fees or commissions will be payable by securityholders of the terminating funds in connection with the change. Bridgehouse will cover all costs and expenses.

Investors within the terminating funds can redeem securities or switch out of those funds up to the close of business on the business day immediately before the effective date of the change.